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Stride Underwriting are pleased to announce that they have recently achieved Chartered Insurance Underwriting Agent status.

The new accolade, supported by the Managing General Agents’ Association (MGAA), was launched in recognition of the growing presence of managing general agents (MGAs) in today’s market and to reflect the specialist knowledge of individuals working in this sector.

Stride Underwriting are part of the Specialist Broking division of Lloyd & Whyte Group and specialise in providing Commercial and Residential Property Insurance and is now one of the leading wholesale insurance providers in the UK. Following this achievement there is now a chartered subsidiary in each division of Lloyd & Whyte Group, demonstrating its technical and professional expertise.

  • GI Broking – Affinity specialist (L&W brand) = Chartered Insurance Brokers
  • GI Specialist broking & wholesale underwriter (Stride Ltd) = Chartered Insurance Underwriting Agents
  • Financial Planning division (L&W brand) = Chartered Financial Planners

Claire Harris, Commercial Manager, commented on the achievement:

“The business has undergone change since being acquired by Lloyd & Whyte, but the high standard of service we provide to our clients as well as the professionalism and governance within the business has not changed, so to be recognised and awarded the title of Chartered Insurance Agents is a real testament to the hard work that goes on throughout Stride Underwriting’.

Chartered insurer status is a huge recognition and is awarded to firms that adhere to an ethical code that underpins broader commitments to professional values. In order to gain chartered status, Stride Underwriting had to demonstrate their commitment to a number of areas. These commitments include putting customer’s interests first, investing in the development of their people’s skills and knowledge as well as supporting wider initiatives that benefit society. Over 90% of employees within Stride Underwriting are members of the CII which is another criteria for achieving Chartered status that they have met.

Receiving this recognition means that Stride Underwritings’ brokers and clients can be confident that they have chosen a company that invests in its people to ensure they provide a high product and service offering every step of the way.