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Securing data sent by email – introducing Mailock

Unencrypted email can expose client data to interception and loss.
Click here to view and download our email security infographic

About Mailock
In order to guarantee the security of your client’s data in all circumstances and remain complaint with GDPR, Stride Underwriting is adopting Mailock from our security partner Beyond Encryption. Mailock is a secure alternative to “standard” email, easy to set up and free for brokers to use to communicate with Stride Underwriting.

Mailock user guide
Click here to view and download the Mailock user guide.


Alternative options – Outlook add-in
We are able to offer a number of secure options to get quotes directly to our underwriters , including one that works seamlessly from within Microsoft Outlook. This is known as the Mailock add-in, and can be installed in minutes by a system administrator, click here for the Outlook add-in install details.

Other options to send us risk details include:

For support with Mailock, call Stride Underwriting IT Manager Rob Hughes on 023 9224 8732.