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We know that brokers like to get out and about to meet and understand their clients, so working from home is not ideal for everyone. Instead of trudging to the kitchen for another bag of crisps, Stride Underwriting Account Manager Lee Taylor’s has some lockdown tips to liven up your lunchtime, and your business:

1. Motivation        

Stride Underwriting is working hard in lockdown and we are always available to quote and win new business, go the extra mile to keep existing business and service mutual clients. Let us provide you with the reassurance and motivation you need to face all the challenges of lockdown and come out stronger.

2. Nutrition           

Put a lock on the fridge and get hungry for business! Stride Underwriting has an appetite for all your enquiries, however hard they may be to digest – so let us eat up any hard to place risks or tasty cover requirements on your plate.

3. Routine            

Let’s get organised to manage and service your current clients. Stride Underwriting is happy to take your batched tasks and work our way through them in a timely and effective manner. Let us take a load off your mind and the workloads off your desk, efficient ly servicing you and your clients to alleviate your documentation pains. 

4. Relaxation        

At the end of the working day, you can be assured that you fully supported and covered by Stride Group, so you get the chance to relax and enjoy those Zoom quizzes and Joe Wicks workouts!

It’s good to talk and we’re free for a chat over a (virtual) coffee anytime.

So pop the kettle on and pick up the phone – whatever problems your brokerage has we’ll try to help. 

Lee Taylor is available on 077 8996 0021 or email lee.taylor@stride-group.co.uk.