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What a start to the new football season!

Sheffield United are closing on the top four, it’s 2016 all over again for Leicester and Liverpool are walking away with the league, or should I say VAR are gifting them the League….

Much like Arsenal and Man United, I have been a little off the boil recently with the Fantasy Football update. But, before we kick a man (or team) when he’s down we must first hail those football geniuses that are the Broker League monthly winners to date!

In August, I simply ran away with the points and won the Manager of the Month. But much like Mauricio Pochettino it seems that I peaked far too soon. Like Poch, I only did this to give everyone else a chance, as it would not be TCF to be the face of the Broker League while wiping the floor with the competition! Herr Klopp won IRL, so I accepted some rather poky German beer from my MD Richard Lovegrove

September saw the usual early-season emergence of Steve Miller from Finch. Steve is known as a serial winner of the Broker League Championship and multiple Manager of the Month awards, in fact he collects our prizes like Spurs pick up injuries.

Last season’s Champion Manager Clive Bevan of Brown Bevan hoovered up the points and the prize for October. With Frank Lampard winning the real thing, I was happy to present our Clive with a bottle of English Gin, especially as he posed amongst a tasteful (but admittedly somewhat faded) collection of holy Man Utd memorabilia. However, my euphoric mood soured when he confessed to taking valuable advice from his son, which would explain his somewhat sheepish demeanour in the photo. Yes, like Marcelo Bielsa hiding in the bushes, Clive is up to his neck in his own fantasy footballing scandal… INFO-GATE! He’s been caught red-handed taking information and passing it off as his own work. Will he gift the October MOTM prize to his son, who obviously deserves it for all the hard work plagiarised by his own flesh and blood? This is dodgier than a Mane dive in the box, will VAR get involved to sort this mess out?

While we were complacently preoccupied with the monthly winners, Barry from HV Financial has steadily totted up the points and grabbed the overall top spot! Waiting in the shadows and proving yet again that the season is a marathon not a sprint, Barry has sneaked up the league without anyone noticing (unlike West Ham, who have done the same thing in the opposite direction).

In the parable of the hare and the tortoise, Barry would be the tortoise thus far. This makes me the hare, which my colleagues have pointed out is quite ironic, given my entirely unfair reputation as being a follicly challenged.

Like a bad cold going around the office, the festive season approaches, and “Santa” Klopp will have a very long shopping list with for his favourite refs and VAR guys. Alongside the festive fun (and the SMCR deadline) there will be lots of points up for grabs as the games come thick and fast.

So good luck to all our fantasy mangers, I shall see you in the New Year (or in the case of any Norwich fans, the Championship).