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Close up of white London townhousesFailed rent payments or disputes with tenants are serious and issues for property owners, whether they have a large portfolio or just a single investment.

Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee insurance: the solution to problem tenancies

Rent Guarantee Insurance
Provides protection against the non-payment of rent by problem tenants.

Up to 50,000 Legal Expenses Cover
Gives landlords the financial strength to pursue possession proceedings. Landlords will have cover for property disputes, repair and renovation disputes and health and safety prosecutions.

Up to £25,000 Eviction Cover
Landlords will have cover against any legal expenses incurred in evicting the tenant from the property for either non-payment of rent or not vacating the property at the expiry of the Residential Tenancy Agreement.

6 or 12 Month Policy
Our policies cover the property and not the tenant, so a change of policy is not required when there is a change of tenant.  Rent Protection of 6 or 12 months rent per Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement (up to a maximum of £10,000, whichever is lower) is provided should the tenant be unable to, or refuses to, pay the rent rightly owed to you.

A 24/7 Legal Helpline
The landlord will have access to professionally trained solicitors to provide advice and information on how best to deal with any legal issues with tenants or property.

Legal Expenses and Rent Guarantee Insurance Leaflet

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