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Training begins for the Broker League

After a crazy summer filled with the likes of Neymar and Mourinho throwing themselves on the ground in petulant tantrums and England winning a penalty shootout (did that really happen?), the new Premier League season has finally begun, with the first month already done and dusted.

In the “real” world Man City are seemingly scoring for fun again and everyone thinks Liverpool have won the league, which our MD Mr Lovegrove will no doubt be pining for after a very long wait. But the big question for Broker League players is… who is the manager of the month for August?

Step forward Clive Bevan of Brown Bevan Insurance Brokers, whose team Athletic Bilbeban pipped Paddy’s Wanderers managed by Owen Sargent by a mere two points. Clive, in return for demonstrating your skill and judgement we would like to offer you a prize equal to the total of Tottenham’s summer transfer spending, delivered in person by their club captain in his own car on the day the new stadium opens.

Sadly none of that will be possible in the near future, so instead Clive will be receiving a bottle of Spanish wine courtesy of Javier Gracia, who won the “Probably not going down yet award for easy fixtures”, aka the Barclays Manager of the Month for August. It looks like Jose has burst the Hornets’ bubble already but “respect, respect” as the man might say…

Back in the Broker League, the best team name looks like a dead heat between Michu in De Gea bar and Flying without Ings, so many thanks to Rohan Mathi and Mark Skipsey for those gems. Haven’t you two got work to do?

Meanwhile down in the relegation zone, Stride Commercial Manager Claire Harris should consider changing her team name from Scouting for Goals to Scouting for Points. But as a Saints fan, let’s just say she’s in familiar surroundings…