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Brokers are invited to apply for an agency to take advantage of the popular and competitive commercial property insurance schemes offered by Stride Underwriting. Here you’ll find the key benefits of setting up a broker agency with Stride Underwriting and the application process.


Screenshot of Stride Underwriting Why Choose Document
Why choose Stride Underwriting?


  • Attractive commissions
  • Full broker support
    • Direct access to our specialist and knowledgeable underwriting team
    • Dedicated claims handling team with delegated authority on smaller claims
    • Bespoke placement for larger, more complex risks
    • Instant policy fulfilment
    • Simple paperwork to pass on to your customers
    • Interaction in your preferred format
      • Broker Agency Portal access
      • Email/Fax/Telephone risk presentations in your own format
      • Manual quotes
      • Statement of Fact
  • Schemes with 6 main UK insurers giving
    • Superior policy coverage as standard
    • Exclusive scheme rates for Stride Underwriting agents only
    • Rollover/agency transfer facility


There is no minimum premium requirement for having an agency with Stride Underwriting. We are confident that our high-quality products, competitive rates and terms, personal service and expertise will deliver to your expectations, that you will want to use us.

Applying for a broker agency with Stride Underwriting is easy:

  1. Complete the agency application form
  2. Assigned account manager
  3. Review and validate agency
  4. Terms of Business sent to you
  5. Return a signed copy of TOBA
  6. Agency approved
  7. Can be as quick as 72 hours to go live
  8. Start property owners quotations
    • Complete access to Stride Underwriting markets
    • Log-on to the Broker Portal
    • Contact office (phone, email, fax)

If you would like to try out our services before signing up, please ask us about our trial accounts.


Whether you’re an established broker looking to enhance your current product offering or just starting up and want a reliable Property Owners supplier, Stride Insurnace Group can help. We work with a range of brokers of all different sizes, and we’re dedicated to helping your grow your Property Owners market. With our no minimum commitment and no policy fees, account support, and a branded broker portal with multiple staff log-ins so your team can quickly and easily compare quotes, bind cover and promptly deliver documentation to your customers.


To apply for an agency with Stride Underwriting, please complete our online agency application form. Alternatively, download the agency application form and post it to us or email it to agency@stride-group.co.uk. If you’d like to discuss setting up an agency, give us a call on 023 9224 8790 and we can arrange a call or meeting with one of our account managers.